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The Considerations Of Concrete Pump Operation

Writer:Admin   Time:15/04/16

     1,Who passed the examination and valid concrete pump operation license, can use the computer operation.The operator shall must be familiar with the machine structure performance, strictly abide by the "equipment operation (using) and maintenance manual the safety rules and matters needing attention.This work should be comprehensive inspection equipment before,Installation to comply with technical requirements,Cloth tube is correct;

    2,Pipe connection must connect firmly, reliable sealing;Have a tire mechanical should rise cushion flat;Over a long distance or aerial work, there must be someone to command, clear contact signal.The hydraulic oil, lubricating oil(andOil and grease), voltage must conform to the rules.
    ⒊ electric motor, check the steering is correct, such as motor reversal should commutation. Instrument display is normal, when air temperature is low for some time, until the oil temperature rose above 20 ℃, to start feeding pumping, when the oil temperature reaches 45 ℃, turning cooler (circulating water into the cooler). Before pumping concrete may be the main trailer concrete pump oil to the maximum, to the empty hopper Riga enough water running 10 minutes, check the system pressure, stirring device, the pumping action is normal.
    ⒋ pumping concrete mortar lubrication pipes should be preceded by an amount of 0.5 cubic meters / 200 meters, the blending ratio of 1, When the pump displacement pumping mortar to the minimum, after pumping mortar finished, then pour concrete pumping (the displacement transferred to the appropriate location).
    ⒌ when pumping concrete, concrete slump fluctuations not too big (range not exceeding 15%), in case of low slump concrete can not be directly added to the water in the hopper agitation, should be added to the cement mortar in the boom pump  (which should be the same water-cement ratio and concrete) stir the spices unloading bucket.