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The Price Of HZS60 Concrete Batching Plant

Writer:Admin   Time:15/04/20

     HZS60 configuration of concrete batching plant  varies according to user requirements, therefore HZS60 there are also differences in price and quotation.The general standard of  concrete plant batch market price between 50-65 w, simple type configuration is more than the standard simple station, the price is about 33 w.Many customers value only when I hear manufacturer  stand the offer price, not care about the specific configuration, so there are many misunderstandings.

    Civil machinery is made up of batching plant, aggregate conveyer for additives, powder conveying equipment, water supply system, measuring system, mixing system, electric control system and pneumatic system of automatic mixer trucks equipment.Civil concrete mixing plant is in accordance with the use of its name, is really a small concrete mixing station, the first civil station including simple type of it, This plant and small commodity concrete batching plant .At present all over the country to civilian have asked station, restrain small simple type construction, must have the environmental protection measures and qualifications, must through the relevant departments of the appraisal.So suggest customers when buying station must be combined with local actual situation.After the civil market, that is, the rural market is given priority to with small mix, for example: HZS50, HZS60 ,  HZS75 concrete batching plant, small concrete batching plant , and other series.
    HZS60 concrete mixing station description:
    It is mainly used for mixing concrete, is a  concrete mixing station. HZS60 concrete mixing station into type of concrete mixing station and batch plant. General common mixing stations are all commercial concrete mixing station, using a belt-type feeding mechanism. Common in ports, dams with concrete and precast concrete buildings and other construction sites and construction of highways, urban roads, airport runways and other paving construction site.
    HZS60  type characteristics: the entire boom pump equipment is easy to install, simple man-machine interface operation, reliable performance, high efficiency, suitable for a variety of harsh environments, long life, the entire design to meet environmental requirements, the use of double JS1000 horizontal shaft compulsory mixer, continuous working ability, mixing time is short, large output, suitable for concrete demand for larger construction.