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Choose Boom Pump Can Refer To Several Kinds Of Models

Writer:Admin   Time:15/02/11

     To choose the concrete pump you need, consider:

    Concrete mixer design
    Size of aggregate or stone
    Volume of concrete to be pumped
    horizontal and vertical distances
    All this is very important when choosing concrete equipment.
    Any other method of transporting and placing concrete, creates adverse and unsafe conditions as well as increases costs beyond what is feasible due to the need for use of a large amount of manual labor. Engineering today assumes mechanized pouring that fits within the cost budget in a given project. Without modern concrete pumping equipment, many, perhaps most, of our buildings and other construction projects would not be economically feasible. Concrete pumping not only shortens the work and saves overhead costs, but also reduces the number of personnel used in the discharge of material.
    It is clear that the trailer concrete pump is the best way to pour concrete. But, when it comes to knowing WHICH concrete pump will be needed for a specific job, it is necessary to understand what each type of unit does. Matching the machine to the job and cement mix to be placed reduces costs, ensures efficiency, and aligns investment costs of purchase or renting a pump with the project budget.
    Types of Concrete boom pump
    1、Stationary Concrete Pumps
    It have 3 types of pumping systems that vary according to the brand and specifications of each machine. The most commonly found are:
    Concrete Pump with “Rock Valve”: Generally used for working with a large stone or aggregate. The system consists of a valve shifting from cylinder to cylinder that pumps concrete through one outlet. Use of rotation through a kidney seal allows concrete output through a single opening.
    Concrete Pump System with Balls: These units are composed of two chambers separated by steel balls where concrete cylinders absorb pumped material then let it pass under pressure through the outlet.
    Concrete Pump with ”S VALVE”: Characterized for high-pressure pumping. These machines are composed of a single valve through which concrete passes.
    2、Concrete Boom Pump in Africa and Concrete Pump Trucks
    Boom pumps are the most used machines on large projects, especially where concrete needs to be placed in hard-to-reach locations. These units can be found in various types and sizes in meters according to the needs of each construction job. The most common are:/3,、Concrete Boom Trucks : Comprised of a large truck with a pump mounted on board. This pump has a powerful pump kit and allows maximum efficiency and speed of work.
    3、Line pump: A portable pump that can be moved throughout the work and is the most common for pumping grout, mortar, sludge, and other construction materials./4、Stationary Pump: Mostly used for placing concrete in areas that are difficult or impossible to reach with a boom truck. These are large pumps mounted on a strong frame and are used to pour large amounts of concrete, over long distances.
    The choice of which concrete pump is to be used for a particular project will depend on the needs and the type of work being performed, the characteristics of the material being pumped, the layout of the construction site, and the distance to be pumped.