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These Steps Help You Operation Concrete Pump Safely

Writer:Admin   Time:15/02/13

     No matter the style or capacity of your pump, job site conditions, or completion deadlines, pumping concrete can be safe. It is up to you to have concrete pumps available that are suitable for the application and to follow recommended safety procedures including training and planning. Only you can make your job site as safe as possible.

    1、Proper Equipment Training
    Proper training in most cases makes you safer in a work where you are pumping. Even if the pump operator is well-trained for various conditions and circumstances, that does not mean that every person on the job site are equally trained and qualified or safety aware. In the U.S., each concrete mixing plant operator is required to complete a training program of ACPA (Association of Concrete Pumpers of Africa). Be sure that your operator is trained and knows how to communicate with others on the job site to keep everyone safe during a pour.
    If you have an employee with inadequate training in his work, this endangers himself and those around him. Make sure your training is up to par. Part of this training includes regular inspection of the wear parts that could lead to failure or malfunction of the pumping unit.
    2、Safety Planning for Concrete Pumping
    Consider working conditions. Remove all possible waste and find a level area to place the concrete pump. It is also important to consider the environment and the soil stability. Power lines and any moving objects are easy to detect and prevent them from causing an accident. What perhaps is not visible, especially in an excavation area is how the site was filled and compacted. Do your homework to ensure that larger boom pumps especially boom pumps are sitting on solid ground.
    Batch plant and truck-mounted stationary concrete boom pump are designed for specific working conditions. If you force them to meet the demands for which they were not designed to meet, it can mean disaster, damage to equipment, or worse, injured workers.
    Rushing is Not the Answer
    Once the pump is started, it is important to keep the necessary positioning speeds. Rushing can cause misplacement or worse, an injury. Taking your time with qualified installers, can maximize the efficiency of your job site, construction quality, and safety.