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Commercial Concrete Mixing Plant And Engineering Concrete Batching Plant

Writer:Admin   Time:17/01/10

     According to the different purposes of concrete batching plants, can be divided into two categories commercial concrete mixing plant ad engineering concrete batching plant.

    Firstly, according to the different types of admixtures, cement, different labels (whether to add fly ash, etc.) and the design of the admixture and the different numbers and forms of cement silos we can distinguish commercial concrete mixing  plant and engineering concrete batching plant. Generally, the types of additives and cement labels are less for engineering concrete batching plant than commercial concrete batching plant and the design of the admixture and the number of cement silos are relatively less either.
    But this is not absolute because we should also see the scale of the project. Secondly, in general, engineering concrete batching plant does not require external seals and the structure is relatively simple while commercial concrete batching plant generally has sealed appearance because customers are in pursuit of aesthetics and environmental protection thus the structure is relatively large. Thirdly, in the case of the same output, the price of commercial concrete batching plant is higher than the price of engineering concrete batching plant.
    The purpose of the engineering concrete batching plant is for self-use which is specifically set for a certain project or the temporary establishment without considering other parties 。while commercial concrete batching plant is set for use of commercial producing and selling of concrete products.
    Engineering concrete batching plant is not for profit purpose, so it only considers its own works but commercial concrete batching plant is on the contrary.

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