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How To Improve The Concrete Quality Of Concrete Mixing Plant ?

Writer:Admin   Time:17/01/12

     Concrete are widely used as building materials, is closely related to People's Daily lives, batching plant manufacturer tech you use concrete mixing plant to produce high quality concrete.

    Please remember the three points :
    1: The mix of concrete should be correct;
     2: self-loading batching plant in the weighing system to be precise;
     3: The quality of raw materials to choose accurate.
    The most important point is cement must be stored separately in the cement tank, to do with the same variety of the same grade of cement to be sampled and found that quality problems should be dealt with immediately after; gravel should also be checked, especially for coarse aggregate quality, Sand and gravel in the collection, transportation and storage process is strictly prohibited mixed with the impact of concrete properties of harmful substances.
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