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Concrete Batch Plant Construction Experience In Winter

Writer:Admin   Time:16/03/23

     It is spring now, but customers in the first time consulting me a lot of problems in winter construction of concrete mixing station.So to summarizes three construction experience of concrete mixing plant manufacturers working in winter.

    1. Production of concrete batch plant repair group responsible for heat pipes, electric facilities, machinery and equipment and water temperature, flux lines, solenoid valves and other facilities, maintenance, repair and maintenance work for the winter construction to provide a reliable hardware protection.
    2, production should meet the heated concrete mixing water heating capacity, at the same time shall also have the ability to ensure the continuity of the hot water supply.
    3, concrete mixer batching plant heat pipes, vehicles, storage warehouses, production facilities, such as warehouses admixture demanding good insulation, antifreeze, leak of maintenance work. Prevent the production of concrete caused the machine does not meet temperature requirements and impose unnecessary waste winter heat loss by the heat.