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How To Effectively Control The Cost Of Concrete Batching Plants ?

Writer:Admin   Time:16/03/27

     With the rapid economic development of our country, the prosperity of the real estate market, the size of the HZS60 concrete batching plant , the respect such as technology and quality gap, gradually formed mainly price competition trend.This is the need of development, is also a product of the market competition.How to bid with reasonable low price in the project, make enterprises maximize profits, the key is to control the cost.Cost of raw materials accounted for about 70% of the cost of concrete, so the material cost control is the key of cost control of concrete.

    Around more and more new concrete mixing station, the competition between various concrete company is becoming more and more fierce, self loading concrete mixer truck for sale and on-site mixing concrete also increasingly fierce competition, the competition trend along with the further development of ready-mixed concrete will be aggravated.
    Concrete mixture of sand, cement, admixtures, additives and other five materials made of raw material costs in the proportion of the cost of a large concrete approximately 70% of the price of concrete. Therefore, the level of raw material costs on the benefits of concrete batching plants is essential.