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Concrete Batching Plant Components

Writer:Admin   Time:23/04/13

    Concrete batching plant components are divided into four layers from top to bottom: feeding layer, weighing layer, mixing layer and discharge layer. the overall configuration is high and very powerful, today we will talk about the configuration of each layer of the concrete batching plant to do a detailed description.

    concrete batching plant components

    The main building structure is the main concrete batching plant components, which bears the weight of the whole concrete batching plant, and is strictly in accordance with national standards for material selection, design and production to ensure the safe and reliable work of the whole concrete batching plant equipment.

    1. Feeding layer
    Aggregate and sand enter the silo through the feeding tape machine, and the aggregate and sand enter the silo through the allocated feeding rotary funnel. Two axial fans are installed on the outer wall panel to reduce the dust caused by the loading. Cement feed is supplied by a screw conveyor. The cement silo is equipped with a dust collector at the top for ventilation. The aggregate silo is rectangular in shape and divided into multiple compartments as aggregate and sand silos.

    2. Weighing layer
    The weighing layer is equipped with batching and weighing devices, all using high precision sensors for automatic microcomputer weighing. The dosing work is carried out by means of a computerised weighing controller, which is centrally controlled by an operating console located in the control room of concrete batching plant. After weighing, the materials are automatically discharged to the centralised hopper below in sequence. The liquid material is discharged directly from the discharge pipe into the chute above the concrete mixer.

    3. Mixing layer
    The mixing layer of concrete batching plant components adopts double horizontal shaft blade type mixing device, i.e. the blades on each shaft form a spiral distribution to achieve double spiral flow and partial staggered flow, it has the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving, durability, easy maintenance and replacement.

    4. Discharge layer
    The discharge layer of concrete batching plant components is equipped with a discharge hopper, which is supported on the platform of the mixing layer. The discharge hopper consists of an upper hopper body, a lower hopper body, a double arc door and a cylinder, etc. The lower hopper is equipped with an arc door opening adjustment device to adjust the opening of the arc door.