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Stationary Concrete Batching Plant

Writer:Admin   Time:23/03/30

    The rapid development of industry and urban construction, more and more projects use concrete mixing plant, but in the selection of stationary concrete batching plant is concerned about the quality of the concrete plant is good or bad. The price of stationary concrete plant may be difficult for new customers to understand, but in fact, it is all based on evidence, because the configuration of stationary concrete batching plant can be increased or decreased according to the needs of customers, so changes in equipment will inevitably produce changes in price, such as the addition or subtraction of Therefore, changes in concrete batching plant equipment will inevitably produce price changes, such as adding or subtracting cement silos and screw conveyors, or changing hopper feeding to belt feeding, etc., which will produce price differences of tens of thousands of dollars.


    stationary concrete batching plant

    There are some methods to inspect the quality of stationary concrete batching plant:
    The first depends on the quality of the steel used in the stationary concrete batching plant, if the material is not good, it is easy to work in the process of accidents, but also to see whether the thickness of the steel is enough, too thin is not, whether the welding process of the steel is perfect, whether the key joints are properly welded, there is no hidden danger of fracture.

    The second look at the stationary concrete plant supporting equipment, such as screw conveyor, cement silo, batching machine quality is assured, whether equipped with reasonable, there is no excess or missing the necessary equipment.

    The third look at the stationary concrete batching plant parts and control system, whether the control system of the mixing plant can be upgraded, whether it can achieve fully automatic control, whether the parts are imported or produced independently, how about the quality, the size of the measurement accuracy, etc. After that, we will look at the after-sales service of the concrete batching plant manufacturer, in case there are quality problems in the process of use, whether the manufacturer can repair.