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Concrete Mixer For Raw Materials Of High Quality Requirements

Writer:Admin   Time:15/04/01

     Concrete mixer machine though it is, but the purpose is to make the production, to carry on the processing of raw materials, manufacturing engineering need products, but also should have strict requirements about the quality of the raw materials.

    1, sand bunker, mixing station, different specifications of the sand should be warehouse stacked, and a logo, indicate the name of the raw materials, varieties, specifications, origin, date of purchase.Warehouse keeper to sand bin the same serial number, drawing the whole yard area distribution, inform the lab, master control room, forklift truck loading, confirm and comply with the above staff common ingredients on the warehouse, and storage conditions of different materials.
    2, to strengthen the cement, fly ash, ultra-fine powder and powdered materials management to cement mixer.  Each silo should identify, indicate the name of the raw materials store, place of origin, variety, size; in each silo silo inlet should be consistent with the signs with variety, size, origin, date of purchase inventory amount; entry for each silo should be locked by the person responsible for the feeding of governance, by rewinding the necessary staff, staff of both sides to check for side powdered material storage, silos can be opened after the signature confirmation, to prevent feed An error occurred during an accident caused by quality; mixing station librarians respond the same number of raw materials silos and silo made maps were notified laboratories and the main control room.
    3, concrete mixing plant admixture governance. Bulk powder admixture executed in treatment methods, such as powdered cement materials; admixture powder bags neatly stacked in the warehouse, with signs indicating their name, breed, size, origin, date of purchase; according to different liquid admixture manufacturers, different varieties stored separately, clearly identified.