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Why Clean Concrete Mixer Truck With Special Detergent?

Writer:Admin   Time:15/03/30

    Concrete mixer truck chamber of dirt to wipe with wet cloth, if so you can put  mixer truck engine room cleaning very clean, then don't use water to clean.

    If wet cloth can't clean dirt, might as well try ordinary detergent to wipe.If the above two methods are tried, still unable to wipe away the dirt, to choose clean with water.Second, clean all the parts can't touch water first package later, only with the brush, water and wash
    Cleaning agent to remove dirt.If meet with difficult to thoroughly remove dirt, it only need to use special cleaner engine.Best choice of foam type cleaner, because the time duration in the dirt on the surface of the bubble is longer, can decompose the dirt and surface.But this kind of
    Cleaner chemistry are usually more intense, so want to rinse for at least 10 minutes to clean.But also need to pay attention to the following:
    1, first remove dirt or contamination of this kind of water can remove dirt.Steps must be ready before sprinkler cover parts.
    2, 6 m3concrete mixer truck engine special detergents should not be used on the lacquer that bake.
    3, the worst dirt, can use special cleaner with bubble type engine.
    4, treated with aluminum plating tank cover and the exhaust pipe, etc., with special detergent to clean.
    5, do not use powerful cleaner, and the trial detergent for the family.
    6,  mixer truck due to high temperature solidification dirt is characteristic of the engine room bilge, use special cleaner can effectively
    Especially need to know is: Concrete alkaline. Concrete spots against the car body, or a large area of bonding of concrete, commonly used method is to use hydrochloric acid or oxalic acid. For mixer trucks , the use of hydrochloric acid can be darker, minimal damage to the paint. For the car, it is recommended to use a lower concentration of oxalic acid, slowly corrode, do not pull by hand, no effect on the paint, the other method is basically not how can reality.