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Eight Aspects Of Portable Concrete Mixing Plant Installation Acceptance

Writer:Admin   Time:15/03/30

     The correct  portable concrete mixing plant installation acceptance can be late for the normal safety production.

    (1) fixed mixer of commercial concrete mixing plant, should be installed in the strong pedestal, if long-term use, should be buried anchor bolt, if short term use, shall be under the machine laying wooden sleeper and leveling steadier.
    (2) the commodity concrete mixing station in the mobile mixer, should be installed on the smooth hard floors, with (or support frame, and maintain the level, not in tire instead of support, use long (generally more than 3 months) tires should be properly kept, axle end should be to do a good job of cleaning and rust.
    (3) the driving mechanism, working unit, clutch, brake, all should tighten, flexible and reliable, and protective cover is complete.
    (4) the mobile concrete batching plant chooses the mixer of wire rope can not have corrosion, scrap broken wires, squash, etc.Installation acceptance steps of concrete mixer, concrete mixer
    (5) the insurance hook, hopper hanging ear should be in good condition, when the hopper rises, should hang up the insurance hook.
    6) on the need to dig a pit located on the hopper agitator, which should elevate the compacted around the pit, feeding the bottom surface of the track frame should also be compacted or behind tiling wood frame to support the application in order to prevent long working hours, the track deformation.
    (7) should be fortified mixer canopy, machinery around without mud, clean, all kinds of cards showing complete.
    (8) concrete mixing station host mixer should be set "a machine a gate-drain a box" leakage protection parameters for 30M A × 0.1S, electrical insulation resistance should be greater than 0.5MΩ; protection of the zero line of not less than two, console instrumentation, accurate and reliable indicator.