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Bad Habits Is Damage To The Concrete Mixer Truck

Writer:Admin   Time:15/03/27

     1, not timely maintenance for mixer trucks

    Usually people always like to spend a lot of money in a modified, but it is easy to overlook on schedule to make the engine maintenance.According to the experienced mechanics teacher said: "in the car they handle maintenance, vehicle engine fault, which is usually caused by poor maintenance accounted for 50% of the total failure of the high."Visible engine maintenance to prolong the service life of the vehicle can play a crucial role., of course, also can give you reduce unnecessary losses, or else how can have "to a generation of" this noun.
    2,, oil metamorphism and oil filter
    Different grades of lubricating oil in the process of using oil will change.Vehicle after a certain range, performance will deteriorate, could lead to a variety of problems to the engine.In order to avoid these faults, should be combined with the conditions of use on a regular basis for the car in oil, and oil is moderate, with oil scale commonly between the upper and lower as well.
    Tiny pores by oil from the oil filter, the oil of solid particles and the viscous material deposited in the filter.Such as filter plugging, oil is not smoothly through the filter, will burst filter or open the valve, from the bypass valve, through, still put the dirt back to the lubrication part, spur engine wear and tear, internal contamination addition polymerization.So the oil filter replaced periodically are equally important.
    3, air filter clogging
    The engine air intake system mainly consists of two parts, air filter and inlet.According to the different usage, regularly clean air filter, can use method has a high pressure air from the inside to the outside blow, blow the dust from the filter out.Because of air filter paper about concrete mixer truck for Africa, so pay attention to the air pressure can't too high, so as not to damage the filter.Air filter in the general cleaning after 3 times you should change new, cleaning cycle can be driven by daily regional air quality.
    4, the intake pipe is too dirty
    If you frequently travel in cement mixer dusty, poor air quality, traffic area, you should pay attention to cleaning the intake pipe, ensure the smooth flow of the intake air. The intake duct for the normal operation of the engine is very important, if the intake duct is too dirty, can cause charging efficiency decreases, so that the engine can not operate within the normal range of output power, increased wear and tear and aging of the engine.
    5, excessive crankcase sludge
    Engine during operation, the high pressure combustion chamber unburned gas, acid, water, sulfur and nitrogen oxides through the gap between the piston ring and cylinder wall into the crankcase, so that the metal powder mixed with the wear of parts produced in together to form sludge. Small amount of suspended sludge in the oil, while when the amount precipitated from the oil, clogging filters and oil holes, causing the engine lubrication difficulties, thereby increasing engine wear. In addition, the oil will be generated during high temperature oxidation and carbon deposition film bonded to the piston, the engine increases fuel consumption, power down, severe pull cylinder piston ring card dead.
    6, poor maintenance fuel system
    Maintenance of the fuel system, including the replacement fuel filter, cleaning the carburetor or fuel injectors and fuel supply lines. In the process of the fuel supplied to the combustion chamber by the oil, the inevitable formation of gum and coke deposited in the oil channel, carburetors, fuel injectors and combustion chamber, the fuel flow disturbance, disruption of normal air-fuel atomization bad, causing the engine to breathe shake, knock, idle instability, poor acceleration and other performance issues. Fuel system cleaning agent using the fuel system, the engine can always maintain the best condition.
    7, tanks rust, scale
    Engine tank rust, scale is the most common problem. Rust and scale will limit the flow of coolant in the cooling system, reducing the role of heat, causing the engine to overheat and even cause damage to the engine. Coolant will form acid oxidation, corrosion of metal parts in the tank, causing the tank breakage, leakage. Regular use of a powerful and efficient cleaning agent tank water tank, remove rust and scale, not only to ensure that the engine is working properly, and to extend the overall life of the tank and the engine.
    8, cooling systems in poor condition to concrete boom pump
    People concrete mixer engine maintenance, lubrication system is particularly important to note that very few pay attention to the cooling system. Little do they know the most common fault automobile engines, such as living in Sierra cylinder, knock, punch the cylinder leakage, severe noise generated by the acceleration power down, etc., are due to abnormal automobile engine operating temperature, pressure, cooling system status caused bad. Cooling system in poor condition will lead directly to the engine can not operate at normal temperature, followed by the above will produce severe symptoms.