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Classification And Maintenance Of Concrete Boom Pump

Writer:Admin   Time:15/03/25

     From the dynamic form can be divided into motor and internal combustion engine.Widely adopted from pumping formally, the current domestic have oblique slide valve and "S" valve type;The advantage of the former is for goods in the concrete aggregate demand wider (40 mm) in diameter, price is low, the disadvantage is that gate valve should be continuous and smooth, pumping height of about 100 m;The latter without lubrication system, strict aggregate (no more than 33 mm), pumping height can reach more than 150 m, typically cost is higher.From the mobility can be divided into commercial concrete boom pump (pump), car type frame pump (without the arm frame), towed concrete pump.

    A chassis maintenance
    After the usual recommendation to buy concrete pump to the engine to replace the engine oil after the first 50 hours, while the replacement of diesel oil filter and fine filter, after the process of using the user should be replaced once the oil every 250 hours. As should be checked once every 10 hours, or the oil level every day in operation, once the amount owed should be timely injection. Also after the first 200 hours of the proposed replacement PTO transfer case gear oil, followed by 1000 hours once every oil change and a butter filling.
    2, part of the maintenance of the pumping
    Check the pumping part of the usual boot from it should be, must be checked for normal operation after each system boot, such as the system pressure is normal, the hydraulic system for leaks, and so are key indicators of inspection. Every eight hours after work truck operator should check the oil level once oil and hydraulic oil, lubricating oil level and, if necessary, should be supplemented and replaced. Also in the use of 500 hours should check the wear condition of S tube bearing position, pumping party after 3000 to adjust the gap between the glasses, plates and cutting rings must be replaced immediately if necessary.
    3. Boom coat maintenance
    Trailer concrete pump usually after the first 100 hours of use, gear oil inside the turret rotation reducer should all be replaced after 1000 hours once every oil change. Every 60 hours, deal with the boom, legs junction, turning lubricating bearings and slewing ring gear shaft gear reducer nozzle at the check, after working for some time on the turntable, arm and legs around welding seam inspection, such as weld cracking occurs supplier should promptly contact the company handled properly. Another regular rotation duct help extend the life of the duct, as per 5000 square pouring straight pipe clockwise 120 degrees, 180 degrees bend.