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The Maintenance And The Importance Of Concrete Batching Plants Parts

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    Concrete batching plants are needful for every parts, each component parts for coagulation soil run a complete and efficient operation of the station.
    Concrete mixing plant production line is composed of a series of, each of the components are indispensable to concrete mixing station.This can only be mixer is to help the material mixing station processing need material safety must be than cases for mixing processing ChengLiao will.The ingredients of the motor, materials weighing system, aggregate, powder weighing if the main material of concrete mixing station processing precision tools, without these there is nothing to ensure that the mixing station processing run reliable.Portable concrete mixing plant of dust collecting machine, conveyor, conveyor, such as mixing tank in helping more complete production lines.Dust collecting machine solves the dust in operation, conveyor and block in transmission materials, and solves the trouble of artificial operation.
    1. Check the fuel tank oil deposit.
    Time to fill the tank when refueling the tank should not be added to the top of the mouth, to prevent temperature rises after fuel spill.
    2. Check the fuel tank, fuel lines.
    Water and sediment discharge daily classes before the fuel tank, fuel tank and tubing are subject to leakage, should be excluded.
    3, check the engine oil sump surface.
    After the engine stop detection, oil is cold state, the oil should reach dipstick "engine stop" side of the "Safe Boot" or the engine idling, when the oil is warm, the oil should reach dipstick "engine running" side the "adequate" mark. Insufficient fuel, should be added.
    4. Check the coolant level to batch plant .
    Insufficient coolant, should add enough to keep the coolant level above the low water board.