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Concrete mixer machine for various terrain

Writer:Admin   Time:18/11/21

     Concrete mixer machine is used to produce concrete to meet various needs. The concrete mixing machine must not only meet various technical standards, but also be able to adapt to various site topographic conditions. Machines and their components need to be designed according to different requirements. One of the most important things is that the automation system should have high level of flexibility for the modification, addition and expansion of machine technical functions.

    Concrete mixing system

    The ready mix concrete mixing system includes various independent units and processes.


    The task of the cement mixer control system is to ensure safe and reliable mixing operation. It mainly controls the closing mechanism of the motor and the top cover of the belle cement mixer. The indirect drive control of the mixing drum is also necessary. Today, most mixers are equipped with consistency measurement devices. In addition, microwave sensors and temperature sensors for humidity measurement are also installed in the mixing system.

    Concrete management

    Concrete management equipment includes concrete silo, concrete weighing scale and proportioning screw controlled by frequency converter. The measuring scale or radar sensor is used to measure the quantity of material in silos. In order to avoid a large amount of dust, concrete mixer must also be equipped with air filter, using the principle of vibration to automatically remove dust in the air. In addition, the use of sensors can also protect silos from excessive pressure in the warehouse.

    Transport of sand and gravel

    Gravel is weighed in the unloading chute or measured by strain sensor on the conveyor belt. If gravel trucks are used, they are controlled by transducers, terminal position sensors and safety terminal position sensors. Sand silos include one to two vibration devices to ensure accurate loading. In demanding applications, the amount of sand in silos is measured by radar sensors. If necessary, radar sensors can also be used to measure moisture in sand. In this way, the concrete pre mixing process can be adjusted accordingly by collecting the measured data.

    Water measurement

    Water volume is first weighed by a weighing scale with two control valves, and then measured more accurately with a parallel flowmeter.

    Add accessories

    Concrete is produced according to the specific requirements of different applications, so its characteristics are different. Today, it is inconceivable to add no ingredients in the concrete production process. These small amounts of auxiliary materials are mainly added by pumps and weighing scales.