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Advantages and price analysis of JS1000 concrete mixer

Writer:Admin   Time:18/11/22

     JS1000 concrete mixer has many advantages, such as long service life of liner and blade, convenient maintenance and excellent sealing performance. It is suitable for all kinds of small and medium-sized prefabricated component factories and various construction sites.

    The type of mixer machine is the main factor affecting its price. At present, there are many types of concrete mixers in the market, and there are great differences in the price of different types concrete machine and configuration of different equipment. The quality of JS1000 concrete mixer is the main factor determining its price; the better the quality, the higher the price. So when consumers buy JS1000 mixer, they should not only pay attention to how much JS1000 concrete mixer is available, but also carefully inspect the product quality. After all, quality is the prerequisite to ensure the good operation of concrete mixer.

    JS1000 concrete mixer also known as 1cube concrete mixer, it is a series of double horizontal shaft forced cobncrete mixers. Its theoretical productivity is 60 m3/h per hour. It is mostly used in HZS50 ready-mixed concrete batching plant and HZS60 concrete mixing plant as the main mixing machine. JS1000 concrete mixer can be used independently or can be used as a simple concrete mixing plant with different types of PLD series batching machines. It can be used for mixing dry-hard, plastic lightweight aggregate concrete and various mortars and mortars. It is suitable for various construction projects and small and medium-sized prefabricated component factories.

    JS1000 mixing cement consists of feeding, mixing, unloading, water supply, electrical, cover, chassis, leg gear and other parts. JS1000 concrete machine is a spiral belt structure consisting of two stirring vanes on the stirring shaft. It can produce three-dimensional stirring along the radial and axial direction. It can push, rub and extrude materials. It is suitable for mixing plasticity, dryness, lightweight aggregate concrete and various mortars and mortars.

    Mechanical JS1000 concrete mixer advantages:

    1. Don't worry about the sticky shaft of the mixing powder, which improves the mixing efficiency, reduces the mixing load and improves the reliability of the product.

    2. Don't worry about cleaning the cover of the mixing cement.

    3. The collapse degree of concrete in the JS1000 forced concrete mixer can be monitored and changed at any time, which can guarantee the production of high quality concrete for users.

    4. Material flow is more reasonable, which greatly shortens the mixing time, improves the mixing efficiency of the JS1000 forced concrete mixer and reduces the energy consumption of mixing.