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Concrete Mixer Truck Maintenance

Writer:Admin   Time:15/01/05



    One: reasonably determine the protection period. Concrete mixer truck protection period refers to the protection of the distance mileage car or something. Owners in the practical application process, should refer automobile factory referrals protection period, contact the car situation and use their skills prerequisite for proper protection period for adjustment. Generally speaking, the new car at an excellent premise road use without protection too often, in order to protect the rule as the upper limit cycle manufacturers can; automotive skills and poor conditions, or use bad premise, it should protect the right to shorten the cycle.
    Two: full use of free testing. Concrete mixer manufacturer launched free testing exercise on the length of the owners often benefit, the owner can apply these to detect motion like cars on specific physical, real-time to identify and eliminate some of the potential problems, and then eliminating the future be able to render high maintenance protection costs.
    Three: less crash repair assembly as possible. Many concrete mixer master have this feeling, like a car crash repair after assembly rampant tidy, premature entry into the vehicle maintenance period. This scene showing the assembly of the skills and quality parts, etc. The primary reason touched repair workers. Thus, it is best to prevent the collapse of the assembly, maintenance, use all kinds of progressive senior skills protective equipment and tactics, to avoid demolition of the car were protected to prevent the formation of the car assembly and parts of unnecessary damage, improve the quality of protection and reduce maintenance The total costs.
    The driving device is driven to rotate concrete tank, take it by force, universal shaft, hydraulic pumps, hydraulic motors, control valves, hydraulic tank and cooling system components. If this section due to failure to stop working, concrete tank will not turn, this will lead to concrete scrapped car, in serious cases, so that the entire concrete tank condensation in the tank, causing the concrete mixer truck scrapped. Therefore, whether the drive is in use must be highly reliable attention. To ensure reliable drive intact, you should do the following maintenance work:
    a. Universal rotating part is failure-prone area, shall be when lubrication and wear regular checks, and timely repair replacement. The team should spare universal shaft assembly to ensure the event of failure to resume work in a few minutes.
    b. Ensure that the hydraulic oil clean. Mixer trucks harsh working environment, we must prevent sewage sediment from entering the hydraulic system. Hydraulic oil according to manuals require periodic replacement. Once the inspection found that the hydraulic oil mixed with water or sand, we should immediately stop cleaning the hydraulic system, replacement of hydraulic oil.
    c. Ensure effective hydraulic oil cooling system. To regularly clean up the hydraulic oil cooler, radiator is blocked to avoid cement, checking electric radiator fan is functioning properly, prevent hydraulic oil temperature exceeded. Just make sure the hydraulic part of the hydraulic oil clean, the general failure much; but produced by different manufacturers, life is not the same.