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YHZS advantage concrete mixing station

Writer:Admin   Time:15/01/04

     HAOMEI concrete mixing station is mainly used for the production of concrete projects, mainly used for mixing concrete. Computer control of concrete mixing stations internationally popular fast assembling modular structure, high performance mixer, Twin-controlled, noise, dust, pollution prevention, environmental design, is a new generation of concrete mixing equipment, suitable for urban goods Pre mix concrete, bridge, water, airports, ports and other large infrastructure projects and concrete demand for places.


    Concrete mixing stations concrete centralized agitation has many advantages:

    1, centralized concrete mixing favor the use of automation technology, can greatly improve labor productivity, save labor, reduce costs

     2, you can microwave measuring humidity, to accurately determine the moisture content to ensure the quality of concrete.

    Zhengzhou HAOMEI Construction Machinery production mixing station only has these advantages, but also can be equipped with monitoring devices and camera cleaning device according to customer requirements. Zhengzhou HAOMEI Construction Machinery mixing station into YHZS, 2HZZ, 2HZS, 2HLF, HZY-25 mobile mixing station. Types, to meet the requirements of different customers,welcome contact us company .