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Concrete Mixing Plant Under Install In Philippines For Smooth Production

Writer:Admin   Time:16/12/07

     In November, our production installation team and technical personnel went to the Philippines together, to install the concrete mixing plant for the customer in 2 weeks, and successfully carried out the production.

    We have over 1000 technical workers and 80 engineers equipped with advanced producing and inspecting machines with strict management.

    The below is workflow shown of volumetric concrete batching plant :

    1,gravel feed, powder (cement, fly ash, bulking agents, etc.) to feed, water and feed additives,

    2,transmission and storage stirred ,

    3,the mixer control system power, into the human - machine dialogue operation interface, system initialization process, including recipe number, grade concrete slump, producers, etc. according to the amount of weight carried on each silo, weighing hoppers.

    4,detection, output material or material empty full signal, prompting the operator to determine whether to activate the control program starts stirring sand, stone belt motor fed into the metering hopper;

    5,open fly ash, cement tank valve, start the electromechanical screw conveyor ash cement to the metering hopper;

    6,open water reservoir and control valves admixture pool water and additives into the metering hopper metered meet the set requirements doo door open metering, mixing the ingredients into thevolumetric concrete mixer within already started to set time ,to open the mixer door, into the concrete mixer had received material.

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