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Manufacturer Installation Method Of Mixer Concrete Batching Plant

Writer:Admin   Time:16/12/19

     Correctly installation of mixer concrete batching plant is very important for user,because ready mix concrete mixer is an important link of the whole mixer concrete batching plant production line.

    1. After receiving the portable concrete mixer you should check whether the necessary parts and technical documents are all complete in accordance with the packing list and check whether the machine and spare parts have defects.

    2. The users must lay a good foundation according to the foundation drawing of the purchased product.

    3. According to the installation position of the foundation drawing set the concrete mixer in place and make sure all the components are in horizontal state.

    4. After setting in place of the portable concrete mixer you need to load it with sensors and remove the fixed bolt of the hopper to make the hopper in normal working state.

    5. Check whether the transmission part is flexible and the connection bolt is loose.

    6. According to the instructions of batching control system install the electrical wiring which includes main power cable, each motor cable, sensor cable and remote control cable.

    7. Do empty running test to check whether the steering of each motor is correct.

    8. According to the requirements of proportioning control instrument simulate batching cycle test and do small weighing setting to various materials to check whether it can do automatically cycle batching.

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