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Concrete Pump Inspection And No-load Test Run Before The Operation

Writer:Admin   Time:15/08/28

     Check and preparation before the operationof concrete pump

    (1) check whether the lubrication parts lubricating oil (grease) good enough, when it is necessary to supplement or replace, avoid by all means to tug and mixing tube rolling oil.
    (2) check the power supply voltage, rated voltage of 380 v, the pressure drop shall be not less than 5%, otherwise it will affect the normal operation of the machine.
    (3) check the motor and the components of electrical wiring is rigid, grounding, by grounding wires to a symbol of bolts to ensure safety, and then switched on.
    (4) through to waterways.Must be equipped with a bucket, placed in the body control edge on one side, the suction valve and pump water inlet with absorption hose connected, and there he put the suction valve of the bucket, pay attention to keep the water clean, otherwise it will affect the water pump precision and the reliability of the seal.
     (5) check each part of  the connection screw fastening, especially the connection screw driving part, if there are any loose phenomenon, should be tightened for batching plant manufacturer.
    (6) check whether the wire rope is tight on the rope drum, if there are any loose, need to be around.
    (7) to check whether there is foreign body mix within the cylinder and hopper rail exists.
    Load test run.
    (1) Start stirring motor, so do the mixing drum is rotated forward, observe the direction of the arrow mixing drum rotational direction of the mixing drum are the same as in the opposite direction, it should change the power wiring.
    (2) mixing drum do the reverse rotation, two minutes a cycle, repeated operation 15 minutes to see whether the impact of the phenomenon, each site with or without noise, motor, gear box temperature is normal.
    (3) In the process of lifting the hopper plate hit hit hit rocker switch on the hopper minor stroke, the upper limit switch action, hoppers should be stopped immediately.
    (4) When the hopper raised to discharge position, you should be able to automatically stop.
    (5) The hopper decline in turnout at the phenomenon may not have stuck, after the fall in the end, hoist sheave should be able to automatically stop.
    (6) hopper lifting process, should be able to stop at any intermediate position.
    (7) The trailer concrete pump hopper lift declined repeated several times, each agency action should be flexible and reliable, stable hopper bottom, Doumen openable and closable.