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The Development Of Concrete Pump Industry

Writer:Admin   Time:15/08/28

     According to preliminary statistics, the province's design production capacity of nearly 200 million cubic meters of concrete pump for sale , concrete production this year will be more than 73 million square, is likely to exceed 75 million.

    The main problems
    (1) the problem of excess production capacity is still very prominent, in 2005 amounted to a yield of 38.19%, will continue to decline this year, is expected to be about 37%. (According to the calculation method in 2005)
    (2) To date, the province passed ISO9001-2000 quality system certification of concrete companies less than 70, and the province concrete industry growth rate and the market economy environment incompatible.
    (3) with wet concrete sand, stone washing, separation and recovery equipment for the mini concrete pump machine enterprises accounted for about 55%, but all the water slurry recycling enterprises accounted for only about 5%, and the province the full realization of concrete cleaner production goal difference far.
    (4) cement and other raw materials and fuel prices by a big margin, concrete average price increased slightly, but only slightly, with increases of raw materials are incompatible, leading to concrete business benefits continued to decline in most areas.
    (5) construction of concrete material models increasing arrears, arrears accumulated over the years has been more than 8 billion yuan. A small number of businesses struggling, unpaid wages have become increasingly frequent phenomenon, and some concrete business has been discontinued or sold off.
    Used in concrete machinery will continue to increase
    Due to the increasing supply of concrete and this year new or more concrete boom pump under construction (expected to have about 65), plus the old business expansion and part of the vehicle has passed the end of life, the demand for transport and pumping equipment will be formed buy some new peak .