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Concrete Boom Pump Overview And Classification

Writer:Admin   Time:15/08/26

     In concrete boom pump  construction, transportation and pouring of concrete is a critical job, called for the speedy, timely, quality assurance and reduce labor consumption.

    Concrete mixing station concrete pump is a surge through the pipe nip concrete, and horizontal and vertical transport of construction machinery and pouring concrete.
    Especially for some large amount of large concrete reinforced concrete structures, so how to choose concrete pump is very important. Appear concrete pump has been recognized by many construction parties. It is also increasing emphasis on the use of concrete pumps. Concrete pump for a variety of construction projects in the concrete construction, including water, electricity, railway and highway tunnels, plot, mining and other high-rise buildings.
    Concrete pump truck according to the principle divided into: squeeze type concrete pump and concrete pump hydraulic piston. Wherein the squeeze type concrete pump is mainly composed of hopper, drum pumps, drives, vacuum systems, and other components of the delivery tube. The main feature of this concrete pump is simple in structure, low cost, easy maintenance, smooth work. However, because of transport volume and pumping concrete pressure is small, transmission distance is short, and now basically rarely used.
    There is also a hydraulic piston foam concrete pump is mainly connected by a hydraulic cylinder and concrete cylinder, hydraulic cylinder rod reciprocates and cooperating dispensing valve, the two concrete cylinders alternating suction and discharge complete concrete work process Now this is the longest concrete pump used.