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The Correct Way Of Concrete Pouring Concrete Pump

Writer:Admin   Time:15/08/25

     At the beginning of pumping concrete, should be pressed into the mold slowly, but you should check the concrete pump is operating normally send, pipe joints are tight, without leakage, plasma leakage, leakage, if unusual circumstances, should stop the pump inspection, repair good and then transferred to normal work.

    When pumping concrete into the mold, pouring and casting sequence delamination side stack two casting, pouring even move to the ends of the hose, control the thickness of each layer of fabric 20-30cm, not pouring piles. When you want a horizontal tube placement, along with the direction of movement of the concrete pouring, pouring each district should consider the vehicle unattended 1-2 boom and directing the fabric, 6-8 workers dismantling pipes, and gradually take a long or short the gradual demolition to concrete pump machine , pouring portion to accommodate the movement.
    After stratification laying concrete, tamping should immediately use vibrators. 1 pump station should be equipped with 3-4 sets vibrator. When the concrete slump more than 15cm, vibration it again; when the slump is less than 15cm, should be the same as ordinary concrete vibrators, mechanical vibration-based, supplemented by artificial vibration, vibration time to 15- 30s best.
    Pumping concrete into the mold with a horizontal pipe or boom time, even to the ends of the hose are often mobile, to prevent the accumulation of concrete, increase nip resistance caused by burst pipes. When casting wall, trench site, the nozzle should be placed in the middle groove, the groove template, and using primers pouring slurry casting method. When the concrete poured into the final stage of the concrete pump 17m to take "sub-stop pump" approach.