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Configuration list of small concrete batching plant

Writer:Admin   Time:19/04/08

     Small concrete batching plant mainly refers to the type below hzs60 concrete mixing plant equipment, which is the small size of commercial concrete mixing plant equipment, of course, some areas can also invest hopper concrete mixing plant equipment as commercial concrete mixing plant equipment. So what is the configuration list of the small concrete batching plant and what is the price of the small concrete batching plant?

    1. Aggregate supply system: including concrete batching machine, aggregate bin, door opening device, aggregate conveying system, aggregate lifting system, aggregate storage system;

    2. Cement supply system: generally including cement silo, cement screw conveyor;

    3. Adhesive supply system: screw conveyor, admixture weighing bucket;

    4. Water supply system: water weighing box, water pump, pressurized water pump, water sprayer;

    5. Additive supply system: additive weighing box, supply pump and pressurized pump;

    6. Concrete mixing system: motor, reducer, forced mixer;

    7. Control system: air-conditioning control room, computer control, instruments, power distribution panel, operating platform;

    Measurement system: aggregate measurement, cement measurement, water measurement and additive measurement

    Small concrete batching plant price is the customer's concern, but it can not give the standard answer before the final configuration of construction cement batching equipment is determined. On the whole, the price of hzs60 concrete batching plant is about 313-480,000. Some customers may have seen lower prices than this, but we doubt the quality of batch plant machine like that. The quotation of small concrete batching plant is greatly affected by the type. If customers need, they can to inquire about the specific type. We will give you a timely answer.