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Standard procedures for operation and use of concrete mixing plant

Writer:Admin   Time:19/04/12

     The standard procedures for operation and use of concrete mixing plant in details:


    1) Close the main switch of the console, turn on the power supply and start the air compressor, so that the air pressure can reach 0.7 MPa.

    2) Adjust the rotation and torsion of the rotary stirring time relay and set the stirring time.

    3) Connect the main power supply, close the power switch of the console, and dial the power supply to the open position with the key.

    4) Set up the concrete formula, pull the cement to choose the rotation and torsion to select the corresponding cement bin.

    5) Start the concrete mixer by pressing the startup button of the concrete mixer machine and starting it; put the lifting bucket of the mixer into the pit.

    6) Turn the production mode on the panel of the console and choose the working mode of the concrete mixing station. There are two working modes: (1) Manual working mode: Turn the working mode to the manual position, and the concrete mix plant enters the manual working mode. Under this mode, the aggregate proportioning, cement proportioning, water proportioning, admixture proportioning and the discharging of aggregate proportioning machine, hopper lifting, descending, cement scale, etc. The discharging of water scale, admixture scale and the discharging of mixing machine are accomplished by the operator operating the press and twist on the console surface. (2) Full-automatic working mode: the working mode is twisted to the automatic position, and the whlole complete concrete batching plant enters the full-automatic working mode. Under this mode, the batch plant automatically completes the whole process of concrete mixing according to the concrete formula and quantity input.

    7) Emergency parking: If there is an emergency in the work of the trailer concrete batching plant, press the emergency stop button quickly, and the batching plant machine will stop all work; after troubleshooting, press the button again to resume work.