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Preparations for installation of concrete mixing plant

Writer:Admin   Time:19/04/14

     Concrete mixing plant is a complete set of concrete mixing equipment consisting of material supply, proportioning, mixing, electrical control and steel structure components. It is suitable for construction sites, prefabricated parts factories and commercial concrete factories.

    (1)Before concrete batching plants installation , check whether the fittings and technical documents are complete according to the packing list, check whether the whole machine and parts are defective or not, and then install them manually after they are in conformity with the delivery requirements of the equipment, and the dust-adhering parts must be cleaned.

    (2) According to the requirements of the basic map, the relative position and size of each foundation are measured by total batching plant to ensure accuracy. Correct the relative height error of each embedded steel plate, pad and fix the embedded parts, and pour the foundation of concrete embedded parts.

    (3) Prepare four pads of timber with a height of about 1,000 mm. The size of a truck crane should meet the requirements of lifting weight and lifting height of the cement batching plant installed.