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Detailed configuration of cement batching plant

Writer:Admin   Time:19/04/18

     The main equipments of cement batching plant are concrete mixer, batching machine, cement tank, conveyor, sensor system, etc. Here we mainly introduce the detailed parts and composition of concrete batching plant for you.

    Concrete mixer:

    Concrete mixer is made up of mixing main machine, main reducer, main motor, additional reducer, additional motor, manual oil pump, water pump, hydraulic station group, blade, chassis, legs, hopper, guide rail, guardrail, ladder and so on.

    Concrete mixer:

    The concrete batching machine is composed of belt conveyor, rigid frame, drive motor, measuring bucket, storage bin and outriggers of the batching machine.

    Cement tank warehouse:

    Cement tank is a kind of encapsulated storage material cabin. Suitable for storing water, grain, cement, fly ash and other materials. The cabin is equipped with a material level system, which can accurately show the location and number of materials.

    Control system:

    The operation and control system has a complete set of computer technology with excellent performance. It can be operated automatically or manually. It is easy to operate. It can introduce the movement of each component in the whole concrete batching plant. It is easy to store and print report materials.

    Additive weighing system:

    The admixture weighing system is composed of admixture weighing box, bracket, water pump, pneumatic butterfly valve, admixture pump, valve and so on.

    Screw conveyor delivery system:

    When the screw conveyor rotates on the screw axis, it can run the material up and down.

    Sensor system:

    Sensor systems use high-precision foreign sensor systems.