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Factors Affecting The Production Of Concrete Mixing Plant

Writer:Admin   Time:15/05/08

     In the actual production process, users will be a lot of concrete mixing plant for all sorts of reasons lead to the actual production of concrete on the do not tally with the theory of production value.So what are the factors which influence the production of batch plant ?

    1. The quality of concrete mixing equipment
    Whether large or small and medium commercial concrete mixing plant  project, in equipment specifications have been unified today, the biggest factor affecting the yield machinery is good or bad the quality of the equipment. We all know that the whole boom pump system by the feed section, weighing portions, stirring section, storage section, and the like, and in these configuration problem occurs when any one part of the whole production is likely to lead to the  station affected. Thus, when the user selects the purchase of batch plant, be sure to select high-quality, perfect service mixing station manufacturers.
    2, concrete batching plants system core device model
    Due to financial, space, production requirements and many other constraints, some customers in the purchase of related models of pump, often regardless of the views of the manufacturers mandatory requirements of customers in the related equipment to be replaced between the different models of the same device. Works with small  HZS25 Station as an example, the best concrete mixer configured model should be JS500, but should the customer use and other mandatory JS250 or HS750 models instead, although the entire HZS25 concrete mixing station is still able to run production, but its stirring speed, stirring performance are affected, so the final production of concrete and also theoretical 25m3 / h is different.
    3, operation mixer trucks operator is reasonable, specification
    The last thing to mention is that the staff members in the course of operating the truck is reasonable, standardized operation of the issue. If the operation is not standardized, such as materials weighing inaccuracies, hopper silos containing large particles of sand and gravel impurities, with the ratio of laboratory production is still below standard, etc., are likely to cause a malfunction plant batching system, thereby affecting the Normal production of concrete production.