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Detailed Introduction Of HZS60 Concrete Batching Plant

Writer:Admin   Time:15/05/11

     HZS60 belong to small and medium sized concrete batching plant , concrete mixing station USES the belt material, commonly used in engineering or commercial concrete mixing station.HZS60 concrete mixing station basically has the following parts:

    1. Adopt JS1000 concrete mixing console, the blender mixing ability, stir well, rapid, high productivity.For harsh, half dry rigid, plastic and all kinds of proportioning of concrete can achieve good agitation.
    2. Using PLD1600 three positions separate batching machine, portable concrete mixing plant that uses a single measurement model, each corresponding to a metering hopper that can measure simultaneously, greatly improving the efficiency of ingredients.
    3. The use of the inclined belt material, sealed rain cover over the inclined belt conveyor, can not affect the quality of production in the rainy weather of production; with a heavy hammer automatic tensioning device, reliable; easy access aisle twin and maintenance.
    The mixer trucks  uses a computer control system, dynamic panel display, a clear understanding of the operation of each part. Intuitive control interface, can clear and accurate observation site workflow. Report printing can be managed.