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The Correct Use Of Commercial Concrete Mixing Plant

Writer:Admin   Time:15/05/12

     Commercial concrete mixing plant have short and long distance movement, short distance movement is don't need to pack commodity concrete mixing station to the car, mobile can commodity concrete mixing station directly, but whether it's short or long before moving to follow rule is the same.In commodity concrete mixing station before mobile user must be the mixer to stop working, and stay in unplug after mixing blades stop completely, will clean up the mixer blender for some maintenance after moving.

    If moving a short distance, the direct promotion of concrete mixing station can, when we must pay attention to promote speed, the speed is not too high, in accordance with the requirements of the specification can walk, in the mixer must pay attention to the smooth movement can no longer move the processbecause it does not turn smoothly and lead to blenders, mixers when you move to avoid a collision, but also pay attention to safety. You need to use long-distance moving truck, mixer needs to be loaded onto trucks, lifting tools when lifting sure to check whether there are security risks, then the correct hoisting wire tied to the 6 m3 concrete mixer truck , when rising to slowly rising, the speed should be stable, stabilized soil mix plant equipment lifting to smooth hoisting note the following when people can not stand to be slowly put on the truck, the truck back into the good must be stable to avoid a collision.