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Planning Considerations For Stationary Concrete Batching Plant

Writer:Admin   Time:15/05/13


    First, the stationary concrete batching plant location:

    1, proper site selection of station, not only influence the construction organization arrangement, but also affect the construction quality and construction cost.On the premise of guarantee enough area, also need to higher ground.Considering the moisture content of raw material quality and production capacity of concrete, the influence of raw materials must be stored in the absence of water field.If low-lying easy seeper need to consider the construction of the drainage channels and to make a full estimate of its drainage capacity, in order to prevent the rain water and affect production.
    2, in order to reduce the cost and convenience of construction, should be in convenient traffic conditions of the site selection, as well as access to the reasonable planning of mixing station.
    Second, the general layout principles:
    1, make full use of terrain, and strive compact layout, save land area.
    2, in line with the process, try to avoid assembly line.
    3, from the building, member objects to meet production, fire fighting, environmental protection, health and lighting requirements.
    4, living facilities should be arranged on the wind direction at the plant site.
    5, before mini mobile batching plant should allow sufficient concrete transport vehicles job site.
    6, laboratory, control room as much as possible arranged near the station and the main channel mixing machine factory door.
    7, pool, concrete recycling should be arranged in the mixing station nearby.
    8, should be used factory site drainage ditches stamped form, before discharge into the municipal pipe network should be set grit chamber.
    9, the preparation of adequate site area, as the concrete mixer truck  park.
    Third, the Transportation Design:
    In order to ensure uninterrupted supply of concrete, the need for a vehicle equipped with a reasonable and appropriate grid spacing arrangement. To ensure the quality of concrete shall, before loading the tank body of water to clean and maintain the tank rotates slowly during transport, the transport process can not just add water.