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Asphalt Mixing Plant Is Welcomed In A Short Time

Writer:Admin   Time:15/09/09

    In recent years, asphalt pavement with good flatness, without expansion joint, easy maintenance, long life and other advantages, have gradually replace cement road surface.At the same time, with the improving of the level of roads, customer demand for asphalt mixing plant equipment is more and more big, but also to its quality requirements higher and higher.
    HAOMEI adhere to the principle of technological innovation, use of advanced and mature production technology and equipment construction building products, its asphalt station production line is completely rational distribution in accordance with lean manufacturing thought streamlined by welding robot, automatic coating production lines, to achieve a "production lean, product refinement. "
    In addition, a set of expect the installation process from the control of the quality system to ensure reliable product quality. This year, the fixed concrete batching plant company through market research, customer visits, to understand customer needs, enhance product quality.
    In overseas markets, HAOMEI planning in advance, send marketing personnel into Africa, the Middle East countries, the development of overseas customers.At present, HAOMEI marketers have batch plants concrete exports to Angola, Kenya, Zambia, Algeria, bahrain, Mongolia and other countries and regions, under the circumstances of the global economic downturn has realized the contrarian increased significantly.