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The Matters Needing Attention Of Installing JS500 Cement Mixers

Writer:Admin   Time:15/09/16

     The following tips to avoid cellular lightweight concrete mixer installation of unqualified lead to rework again bring you loss.

    1, the installation site requires smooth, solid foundation, to pit slightly higher than the ground, to prevent water from flowing into the pit;
    2, with lifting equipment will JS500 compulsory mixer lift, installation of four legs, connecting angle, bracing, ladders, and loaded up and down the track, aligning it into the pit. Pay attention to the frame held in a horizontal plane during installation. Track frame may not distorted and misplaced. At this point, the user can according to the actual situation, the basis for fixing the lower rail;
    3, JS500 forced concrete  mixer semi trailer installation consideration should be given the power and water supplies, material field rainproof measures and transport corridor and other supporting projects;
    4, with the increasingly strict environmental protection, best one-time the install environmental protection equipment at the same time.