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How To Build A Simple Concrete Batching Plant ?

Writer:Admin   Time:15/06/02

     Host and feeding stationary type concrete batching plant system should first of all, concrete mixing station according to the amount of time limit for a project, the concrete engineering, such as daily dosage of concrete indicators to configuration, can meet the day's biggest concrete dosage advisable;A blender and related in batching system into a production line;General engineering can set only one production line, large and important engineering should be set up two production lines, parallel arrangement, and to ensure uninterrupted supply for engineering concrete;A project can only set a concrete mixing plant, also can be set up according to the partition of concrete mixing station, or set a large concrete mixing station combined with a moderate amount of concrete carrier;Specific to actual condition.

    Secondly, sand, stone yard area should be large enough to meet the required engineering consumption and organizations can easily feed supplement; gravel pile partition, causing the concrete to prevent mixing graded allowed; and with loader feed gravel neatly stacked respectively; venue to harden, easy loaders loading and prevent dirt and other debris into the material.
    Once again, a electric concrete mixer with 1-2 pool shall be required to ensure concrete mixing and mechanical cleaning. A production line at least with two compatible cement silo, preferably three, take turns using replenish, to meet the needs of concrete without cement production backlog. Mass and pumping concrete admixture of fly ash and the general need, according to the scene were placed, to facilitate the use is appropriate
    Finally, as the delivery of finished concrete way, you can use concrete pump mode. The transport mode to be able to meet the transport distance and height and the supply of concrete basis, usually arranged in front of the mixer, pump pouring tube connected to ground; may also be arranged in the near pouring place, with concrete trucks to the pump.
    Layout more than a few points, the remaining simple concrete batching plant assembly can be assembled as required in production established.