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Six Comparative Help You To Buy Concrete Batching Plant Machine

Writer:Admin   Time:15/06/05

     Concrete batching plant machine price of choose and buy.

    1, the scale of production, according to the scale of production size of concrete mixing equipment production capacity.Annual output under 200000 m3, concrete mixing equipment productivity of not less than 90 m after/h;Annual output in 20 one thousand 300000 m after, concrete mixing equipment productivity in general is 120 m after/h;Annual output more than 300000 m after, concrete mixing equipment productivity in general is 150 m after/h or after 200 m/h.
    2, the construction site, choose the size of the low price concrete mixer truck according to the construction site. Concrete mixer is characterized by two boosts to aggregate, more flexible layout, fabrication and installation of a short cycle, low cost one-time investment, but the yard area of ??more poor production environment.
    3, attachment of equipment, according to the attachment of the device to select concrete mixers circumstances specifications and job size. Mixer truck loading capacity and discharge capacity should match the mixer, improper matching will affect the work efficiency. Feeding capacity loaders should match the height of the concrete mixer batching station feeding phase.
    4, the management, the use of intensive network management, network management should consider concrete mixer equipment, to avoid future upgrades difficult.
    5, vendor reputation, including installation and commissioning is strict; technical guidance and training are in place; timely service; spare parts supply is sufficient.
    6, cost-effective, comprehensive technical performance in pursuit of equipment is unwise, unnecessary investment will increase, but only the pursuit of low investment and reduce the cost of equipment and technology to increase the use of performance will bring, this approach is not desirable. The current high domestic market imported equipment overall performance, but the price is more expensive. Domestic equipment Several well-known brands, although overall performance can not be compared with the imported equipment, but the configuration of key parts are generally imported components, the main job performance is not much worse than the imported equipment, concrete pump trucks prices are much lower. More reasonable approach is to select the appropriate cost performance.