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How To Control The Water Consumption Of Batch Plant ?

Writer:Admin   Time:16/10/27

     Usually the actual production of batch plant with water consumption and test will be very different. Therefore, in strict accordance with the test content selection of materials better or closer to the test with a more stringent control of water and glue to ensure adequate surplus strength, thus ensuring the final entry to the site is also qualified.

    First, we must strictly test the performance of the material control over the above factors to reduce water use. Workability is improved by the use of high levels of cementitious material. Multi-detection of sand and gravel moisture content, enhance responsibility to ensure that each machine out of the central mix concrete batch plant concrete slump in the control range.
    Secondly, by increasing the admixture or the use of high efficiency and high water reduction rate of admixtures, select the better adaptability of admixtures and cement varieties. Improve grading grading, to find out the best proportion of each gravel grading to improve workability, thereby reducing water consumption.
    Finally, it is very important to communicate with the construction of the station site, to get the understanding of construction personnel, more than technical staff to cooperate to avoid quality through big slump.Correct understanding: not the slump, the greater the boom pump will be more easy, and workability and gravel to adjust the dosage should be adjusted.