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The Cement Warehouse Delivery Notes For Concrete Batching Plant

Writer:Admin   Time:16/10/11

     As a many years production experience of the manufacturers,know about that our customers in the use of concrete batching plant during practical production, some in order to save freight cost reduce cement warehouse the height of the leg, the results when the equipment installation due to the cause of the leg too short discharge outlet close to the ground distance, make the screw conveyor of the tilt Angle is too big lead to equipment can't achieve the desired effect, cause unnecessary trouble.Also have some users in some cases, lengthen the length of the leg, leg too long will cause the overall support capability is greatly reduced, reduce the safety factor of equipment, at the same time will affect the cleaning and maintenance of the equipment.

    Haomei Machinery Equipment Co.,ltd tips you :

    1, if the equipment leg is too short, you need the customer according to the height of the cement warehouse outrigger, the original foundation of the construction of cement legs, and then cement the cement storehouse legs to make up the length of the cement storehouse legs.

    2, if the cement silo legs too long, you need to cut off long parts, but it should be noted that in the cutting cement legs when the legs must allow professionals to operate, if there is not uniform support leg length, support Leg uneven situation will have a great security risk, serious and even cause the collapse of the cement warehouse phenomenon. Therefore, the batching plant machine operation, the user needs a professional cutting staff to operate. Only in this way can guarantee the normal operation of mixing station equipment.