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How to Improve the production efficiency of concrete mixer plant

Writer:Admin   Time:19/05/17

     Recently,customer reactions how can improve the productivity of concrete mixer plant better ? Some customers react, after using for a period of time, the total feeling of production efficiency has decreased. Is there any good way? What are the ways to improve the efficiency of concrete batching mixer plant?

    As a professional batching plant manufacturers can tell you the answers.

    This types of concrete batching plant is used more and more widely, but many users only use it in a conventional way. Here are some ways to improve the production efficiency of batching machine.

    1. The factors affecting the productivity of concrete mixer plant equipment are not only mixing time and time utilization coefficient, but also the direct factors affecting the productivity of asphalt commercial concrete mixing plant equipment. In addition, there are many related factors, such as production organization, equipment management and operation quality, among which the technical status of equipment operation, raw materials and transportation vehicles equipment also play an obvious role in ensuring and improving productivity.

    2. To strengthen the maintenance management of concrete mixing plant equipment, ensure that the equipment is in good technical condition, and meet the requirements of the national environmental protection law, establish strict maintenance and inspection system and preventive measures, so as to achieve timely repair.

    3. According to the production capacity of batching plant portable and the distance, route and road condition of finished product transportation, a sufficient number of transport vehicles are equipped, which is generally 1.2 times of the required productivity.

    4. In order not to shut down the concrete mixer plant for special reasons, there should be a warehouse with sufficient capacity for finished materials. The raw materials should be sampled and inspected, and the raw materials of different specifications should be stacked separately to prevent dust and rain.