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Help you select the right types of batching quickly

Writer:Admin   Time:19/05/15

     Maybe you need to buy the types of batching for various reasons, but will you choose a concrete mixing station? How long do you need to choose the right concrete batching plants? From what aspects will you choose the batching plant equipment?

    As a professional batching plant manufacturer, here tell you how to quickly select the right cement batching plant quickly.

    There are three main types of stationary concrete batching plant selection, namely, according to the quantity and time limit of the project, according to the planned variety of concrete, according to the composition characteristics and consistency of concrete.

    1. Selection according to quantity and time limit. When the quantity of concrete project is large and the construction period is long, medium or large fixed concrete mixing station should be selected; if the quantity of concrete project is small and the construction period is short, medium and small mobile mixers should be selected, such as types of batching 90m3/h, 120m3/h, 180m3/h and 60m3/h.

    2. Selection according to planned concrete varieties. When mixing concrete is plastic or semi-plastic, drop-down mixer can be used; if mixing concrete is high strength, dry or light concrete, forced mixer should be selected.

    3. Select according to the composition and consistency of concrete. If mixing concrete has small consistency and large aggregate size, choose volumetric batching plant with large capacity, such as 90 m3/h, 120 m3/h, 180 m3/h; if mixing concrete with large consistency and aggregate size, use volumetric batching plant with faster mixing barrel speed; if the consistency is large and aggregate size is small, choose forced concrete mixer or conical reverse discharging mixer with medium or small capacity.