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What raw materials are needed for rmc batching plant production

Writer:Admin   Time:19/05/10

     The development speed is accelerating all over the world, and the demand for concrete is increasing. You may buy concrete directly, or you may have built a complete rmc batching plant production line yourself. So what raw materials are needed for the production of concrete batching plant ? Here, as a professional batching plant manufacturers to unlock this layer of mystery for you.

    1. cement

    Portland cement with stable quality or general Portland cement is generally used in rmc batching plant, and other cement can be used when the conditions are fully proved.

    2. fine aggregate

    Fine aggregate is river sand with excellent grade, strong texture, low water absorption and clean grain. When river sand is not easy to obtain, it can also be processed with artificial sand which meets the standard by hard rock.

    3. coarse aggregate

    Crude aggregate on site concrete batching plant is composed of crushed stone with solid texture, uniformity and cleanliness, grade mixing principle, outstanding granular shape and low water absorption. Crushed pebble can also be used. Low-grade concrete can also choose pebble.

    4. water

    Drinking water is used in liebherr concrete batching plant.

    5. admixture

    The main admixtures are fly ash, ground slag, silica fume, etc. When used, the quality of the products should be stable and the incoming materials should be uniform.

    6. additive

    The types of admixtures should be selected according to the design and construction requirements, and the quality and stability commodities with high water reduction rate, low slump loss and remarkable improvement of concrete function should be selected.