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Foundation requirements of establishing wet batch concrete plant

Writer:Admin   Time:19/05/07

     Zhengzhou Haomei Machinery specializes in the production of various types of concrete mixer, wet batch concrete plant, concrete mixer truck, asphalt batch plant, material hoist, dry mortar tank and other construction machinery and equipment, Here we will give you a detailed description of the foundation requirements for the establishment of wet batch concrete plant.

    The construction of volumetric batching plant is also a project. Considering its structural characteristics and engineering cost, the rationality of its foundation and underground structure planning is very important. Only a solid foundation can ensure the normal operation of the complete concrete batching plant. Therefore, the construction of concrete plant requires a high foundation. The main manifestations are as follows:

    1. Request for the accuracy of structural planning. Before carrying out the planning operation, we should have a detailed understanding of the planning requirements, site environment, geological conditions and other elements, and then integrate common knowledge such as mechanical and electrical planning, after repeated careful accounting and verification, plan a reasonable plan, and then carry out strict review procedures before putting into construction.

    2. Request planning is clear. If the construction cement batching plant period is not very short or the construction scale is not very large, we should try our best to select larger drawings to ensure clarity and accuracy, so as to facilitate the smooth progress of construction work.

    3. Normative requests. To understand the site construction and geological conditions, the permissible compressive stress on the ground is usually 0.2-0.3 MPa for the foundation and underground structure types of batching plant

    . The strength of the foundation should be selected and calculated according to the relevant specifications.