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The commissioning main points for batch plant mixing host

Writer:Admin   Time:19/04/30

     Installation and commissioning of mixing host in batch plant is usually completed by after-sales technicians of the batching plant manufacturer. But as the daily use and operator of concrete mixer in concrete batching plant, we still need to know some debugging knowledge and machine performance.

    1. Check the smoothness of each gear part

    The gear box of concrete mixer in concrete mixing station is equipped with lubricating oil, which is convenient for daily maintenance and good lubrication maintenance.

    II. Check the Voltage of Power Supply

    The additional voltage is 380 volts with an error of <10%. Ensure the normal operation of each equipment in batching machine.

    3. Check the direction of agitation shaft

    When the batching plant portable is in operation, the rotation direction of the two axes should be the same as the direction indicated by the sign when starting the mixing motor of the concrete mixer. If the direction is incorrect, the power connection should be changed.

    IV. Inspection of hoisting hoppers

    When the concrete mixer plant is in operation, the hopper of the concrete mixer is upgraded to the unloading position, it will stop actively and open the hopper door actively. If the motor is cut off, the brake motor will stop the hopper. If the hopper slip is more than 45mm, the braking moment is too small. At this time, increasing the braking moment can be achieved by adjusting the large nut of the braking motor. If the hopper is lowered to the bottom of the pit, the lower stroke switch can stop.

    V. Inspection of unloading agencies

    The unloading door of wet batch concrete plant should be opened and closed accurately.

    VI. Inspection of water supply system

    The concrete batching plant philippines needs to check the water supply system daily. According to the requirement of concrete proportion, water supply is determined and time relay is adjusted.

    If any abnormal situation is found, the operation of the cement batching plant should be stopped immediately and debugged again after troubleshooting until it can be used normally.