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How to configure the mixing equipment for batching plant

Writer:Admin   Time:19/04/28

     How to configure the mixing equipment of a cement batching plant is related to whether you can choose the equipment of a concrete batching plant with high cost performance.

    1. the mixing host

    Dual horizontal shaft forced concrete mixer machine is the heart of the whole concrete mixing plant production line. Domestic concrete mixing plant manufacturers often provide domestic or assembly parts, such as key components reducer, lubrication system, hydraulic actuator, etc. As a batching plant manufacturer, HAOMEI Machinery produces batching machine with good mixing effect, durable equipment, reliable quality, which is very popular with users. We can provide high-quality domestic key components or imported key components according to user needs. As for the price of batching plant adalah, because each user's specific needs and configuration are different, it will be more accurate to call and quote on demand.

    2. Belt Conveyor

    Belt conveyor is the equipment for conveying materials: should be paid to controlling the angle of the belt conveyor. Its angle involves the amount of material conveyor. Similarly, the length of the belt conveyor with small angle is more than that with steep angle. Some motor power can also be appropriately selected smaller than one.

    3. Measurement System

    The quality of metering equipment is directly related to the accuracy of mixing quantity in silo batching plant. Cumulative errors of materials should be minimized. The butterfly valve installed at the outlet of screw machine can not only control the measurement error of powder, but also stop the flow of powder, and effectively isolate the influence of positive and negative pressure of powder weighing on powder in screw tube. Additives play an important role in concrete, and their leak-proof matching devices are also indispensable.

    4. Air compressor

    At present, the technology and quality of screw air compressor is far superior to piston air compressor. It has the advantages of early warning and prompting function, low noise, no vibration, stable and reliable operation, etc.

    5. Dust catcher

    Pulse bag filter is now used in silo batching plant. Firstly, the filter element is durable, the replacement cycle is doubled, and it needs to be replaced only once in about two years, which can save cost. Second, there is no trouble of destroying the bracket.

    6. Control System

    The control system is equivalent to the human brain, and the proper command is directly related to the quality of concrete and the operation of silo batching plant. Now computer networking control provides us with great convenience. This is not only reflected in the degree of production automation, but also helpful to the control, data analysis and management of concrete production process.

    How to configure the mixing equipment of a silo batching plant? If you don't know anything about it, you can contact us ( directly.