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Suitable sites for different types of concrete mixers

Writer:Admin   Time:19/04/25

     Classification and applicable site of various types of concrete mixers:
    There are many types and models of concrete mixer. When choosing concrete mixer, we must select the appropriate concrete mixer according to our own actual situation, concrete mixer machine use situation, usage, concrete type and other requirements.

    Let's get to know the classification of different types of concrete mixer bodies and the suitable site.

    Concrete mixer is divided into different series of mixer models according to the site and different technical characteristics, and the suffix numbers of the same series of concrete mixers are different according to the output.

    Most of the concrete mixers used in the market are: JZM drum concrete mixer, JZC bucket drum concrete mixer, JDC lifting forced concrete mixer, JS series double horizontal axis forced concrete mixer.
    JZM series and JZC series drum concrete mixers belong to small concrete mixers, which are suitable for some small projects. They are characterized by small volume and convenient turnaround. JS series and JDC series forced concrete mixers belong to engineering concrete mixers. According to their technical characteristics and timeliness, they are divided into self-used engineering mixers and main machines of commercial concrete mixing plant.
    The large size of JZC series creeping bucket drum concrete mixer is: JZC750 drum concrete mixer;
    The large size of JZM series friction drum concrete mixer is: JZM750 friction drum concrete mixer (not commonly used), commonly used is JZM500 friction drum concrete mixer;
    JDC series lifting forced concrete mixer models: JDC350, JDC500;
    JS series double horizontal axle forced concrete mixer models: JS500, JS750, JS1000, JS1500, JS2000, JS3000, JS4000, etc.
    This is the series division of volumetric concrete mixers, and the following figures represent the number of each series of discharges. For example, the output of each discharged 500 liters (theoretical) per hour of JS500 concrete mixer is 20-25 square meters, and the output of each discharged concrete mixer of JS2000 line is about 2000 cuble.
    The characteristics of small concrete mixer are: relatively small production capacity, convenient movement, mainly used for small civil construction machinery; the characteristics of the model of engineering concrete mixer are: large production capacity, good production quality, high efficiency, suitable for HZS series concrete mixing station as the main machine.