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The dust removal scheme of concrete mixing station

Writer:Admin   Time:19/04/23

    The dust removal scheme of concrete mixing station:

    The main body of concrete mixing station is completely closed
    The second floor and above of the main body of the concrete mixing station is all closed. The skeleton model can be made of angle steel, and the whole main building frame can be packed with sandwich color steel plate to ensure that the concentration of atmospheric dust generated by the main building can be controlled at a relatively small value to the surrounding environment. At present, the main frame of the main building of the environmental protection commercial concrete mixing plant in the market is mostly enclosed structure.
    Fully enclosed storage yard
    At present, the overall requirement of building materials industry for environmental protection is not high. Gravel usually has a high dust content. The dust content of sand, especially machine-made sand is higher. In the process of storage, transportation, storage and loading, it is easy to produce dust. Environmentally friendly concrete batching plant has introduced a fully enclosed storage yard. The overall skeleton of the yard is a steel structure with high overall strength, large internal space and good light. Non-load-bearing walls can be built with hollow bricks. Water sprinkler is installed in the material yard to restrain dust-raising of aggregate.

    Fully closed batching and feeding links

    In the aggregate transportation link, the upper and lower systems contact the surrounding environment at the junction, and dust easily pollutes the surrounding atmosphere. Whether conveyor belt conveyor or hoist conveyor, technically speaking, the batch plant and conveying feeding system can be completely closed, the skeleton adopts steel structure, and the packaging material adopts color steel plate. In this way, the dust released into the surrounding environment during the aggregate mixing and feeding process can be reduced to a lower level.

    Dust removal in powder bin
    Dust removal in silos is usually a forced duster installed at the top of silos. There are several filter elements in the dust collector. Several filter elements are grouped together. When the dust gas passes through the filter element, the dust is filtered and attached to the filter element. In order to remove the dust attached to the filter element, the dust on the filter element can be removed by vibration, or the powder on the filter element can be blown away by gas pulse back-blowing. In order to achieve the purpose of dust removal. The use of compulsory dust removal requires regular maintenance of equipment and regular replacement of filter material on the filter element.
    Structure optimization and water intake mode of main engine water pipe
    In the way of water supply, increase the pressure of the pump, increase the water pressure of the main engine, and play the role of dust suppression. The main engine is equipped with a high-pressure cleaning device to form atomized water. On the one hand, it can further improve the water pressure, but also can clean the powder of the main mixing shaft. Optimize the water distribution pipe structure of the main cover. The water distribution pipe is designed as "U" structure. The nozzle of the distribution pipe is used to drain water from two mixing shafts, which can compress dust and clean the powder and concrete slurry of the spindle.
    Optimizing Aggregate Feeding Time
    Reasonable design of aggregate feeding sequence and study of cross feeding mode can effectively reduce dust emission. When the aggregate is proportioned in the proportioning construction cement batching plant, the aggregate can be first sand, then fine stone, then coarse stone and fine stone, then fine stone, then fine sand, and then alternately throw aggregate to avoid excessive and rapid abrasion of the aggregate hopper. At the same time, some sand can be left for later discharge to cover the dust in the stones.