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Installation and implementation scheme of concrete mixing plant

Writer:Admin   Time:19/03/12

     The installation and implementation scheme of concrete mixing plant:

    1. Electric organization design should be carried out before the electrical installation and use of mechanical equipment in concrete mixing plant, and general layout of electrical engineering should be well designed.

    1. Determine the power supply line, set up the distribution room of the substation, and determine the direction of the electrical equipment and lines;

    2. Load design, selection of electrical appliances, selection of distribution devices, selection of conductors, determination of protection and protection;

    3. Set up reliable grounding and lightning protection, and formulate safe power consumption measures and electrical fire prevention measures.

    2. Batching plant beton shall be equipped with concrete mixing equipment and backup power supply according to design requirements or construction requirements in order to cope with possible power outages.

    3. Sand and stone to be inspected should have a fixed storage yard, which should be enclosed.

    4. Sheds should be set up in sand and stone warehouses to protect against sunshine, rain and dust. Separation walls should be set between sand, stone or gravel of different gradations to prevent mixing. The height of the wall should meet the actual needs.

    5. Cement, fly ash and slag powder should be stored separately in bulk silos. Measures should be taken to reduce temperature or prevent cement from heating up in storage.

    6. Containers storing liquid admixtures should take protective measures to avoid contamination and evaporation of admixtures, and freeze-proof measures should be taken in winter.

    7. Each silo batching plant shall be equipped with at least three aggregate silos (one sand silo and two gravel silos).

    8. The concrete mixing station uses the weight method to proportioning. The weight of all kinds of materials should be measured separately by electronic metering system. The liquid admixtures and mixing water should be measured by flowmeter.

    9. The electronic weighing system of concrete mixing station shall be inspected by the statutory metrological verification department before use, and a certificate of conformity shall be issued. Periodic verification shall be carried out in accordance with relevant provisions in the course of use. Before formal weighing of each shift, the measuring equipment should be checked. The maximum deviation of measurement should meet the following requirements (by weight): cementitious materials (cement and mineral admixtures) + 1%; admixtures (+ 1%); and mixing water (+ 1%). Coarse and fine aggregate (+2%);

    10. The installation and testing of the metering system of cement batching plant shall meet the technical requirements listed in Article 5 of GB/T10171-2005, and shall be tested according to the test method in Article 6. The metering accuracy test of the metering system of concrete mixing station shall be carried out after the static metering calibration.

    11. In order to ensure the quality of aggregate, the aggregate screening system and cleaning equipment that meet the requirements should be set up. Minimum should be equipped with two sets of large size coarse aggregate, one set of small size coarse aggregate, two sets of fine aggregate screening and washing equipment to ensure the quality of raw materials.