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Maintenance For concrete mixer truck

Writer:Admin   Time:15/01/29

     Concrete is a durable product, and if placed, finished and cured properly should last a lifetime. While concrete mixer truck is often viewed as a NO maintenance product, consider the following simple maintenance procedures to increase the service life of your concrete. A good quality sealer is always a good idea. A cure and seal may be used the same day the concrete is placed, or a high quality sealer may be applied a month after the concrete is placed. Exterior concrete sealers can last anywhere from 1 to 5 years, depending primarily on environmental conditions. Occasional soap and water cleaning is also advised to keep your concrete looking its best. Sealing and regular maintenance will also minimize the chances from staining and discoloration caused by natural or manmade contamination

    1) Before the operation, we must conduct a comprehensive inspection. Check the various components of the car is normal, especially steering and braking mechanism is sensitive and reliable tire pressure is up to standard; concrete mixing plant  checks whether the connections are tight, body position is correct, whether catching operation such phenomena occur. When the confirmation when mechanical ministries are intact before starting machinery.
    2) hydraulic oil ministries should be required to request and can not be changed. Oil hydraulic oil, oil, oil should meet the requirements, the various components of the line drawn road no leakage o
    3) While stirring the transport, the weight of the mixer trucks can not exceed the allowable load carrying capacity.